What is UPCs.com Return Policy?

We make a strong effort to ensure that every business that purchases from us is satisfied with their order.  However, situations do arise where some troubleshooting is required, even if not related to the UPC barcode.  As a result, our team will assist you until all issues get resolved.

With this said, there are costs involved with issuing codes to companies and as a result, if you accidentally order, you change your mind, or you simply just want a refund, we incur costs.  As a result, there is a 50% fee for any returns that are outside of our control.  Most other companies do not offer returns due to the digital nature of the product.  This is standard across this entire unique industry and is common for digital purchases where the valuable content cannot be proven to be un-used, un-copied, etc. 

Orders older than 6 months months are ineligible for refund, though we do provide lifetime support for your UPC barcodes if any issues arise in the future.

Again, we’re here to serve you and strive to make every customer happy.  If you need any assistance, please reach out to us and will guarantee our barcodes will work as advertised on UPCs.com.


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