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Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) are used to identify products and manage inventory globally for millions of products worldwide.  This includes individual items, or cases of items, which are described in further detail below.

There are many types of GTINs, namely:

  • GTIN-12 – 12 digit codes, also called UPC or UPC-A – typically for items sold in the USA & Canada
  • GTIN-13 – 13 digit codes, also called EAN or EAN-13 – typically for items sold worldwide outside US & Canada
  • GTIN-14 – 14 digit codes, also called SCC or Master Carton Codes – typically for pallets, master cartons, outer cartons, inner cartons, and cases.

All of the codes we sell can be converted between these types of GTINs and we’re glad to supply whichever format you wish.  By default, all orders come as GTIN-12 along with the UPC-A barcode representation.  If you need something more specific, feel free to reach out to us.

These codes can be used on Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and more. They are GS1-Verified, and we offer money back guarantee within 30 days. You can see our bulk UPC pricing below.

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Have any questions? Checkout our FAQ or reach out to us, we’re here to help.

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2022 GTIN Code Pricing
Quantity Price Buy
1 GTIN Code $5 ($5 Each) Buy Now
5 GTIN Codes $10 ($2 Each) Buy Now
10 GTIN Codes $15 ($1.5 Each) Buy Now
25 GTIN Codes $25 ($1 Each) Buy Now
50 GTIN Codes $35 ($0.70 Each) Buy Now
100 GTIN Codes $45 ($0.45 Each) Buy Now
250 GTIN Codes $87.50 ($0.35 Each) Buy Now
300 GTIN Codes $105 ($0.35 Each) Buy Now
400 GTIN Codes $120 ($0.30 Each) Buy Now
500 GTIN Codes $125 ($0.25 Each) Buy Now
750 GTIN Codes $150 ($0.20 Each) Buy Now
1000 GTIN Codes $180 ($0.18 Each) Buy Now
2000 GTIN Codes $300 ($0.15 Each) Buy Now
3000 GTIN Codes $390 ($0.13 Each) Buy Now
4000 GTIN Codes $480 ($0.12 Each) Buy Now
5000 GTIN Codes $550 ($0.11 Each) Buy Now
8000 GTIN Codes $800 ($0.10 Each) Buy Now
10000 GTIN Codes $900 ($0.09 Each) Buy Now
15000 GTIN Codes $1350($0.09 Each) Buy Now
15000+ GTIN Codes Contact Us Contact Us

You can find the pricing above.  You can buy 1, or 50,000+ – we can supply as many as you need.  We strive to offer the cheapest price and best quality service, so if you have any questions, let us know!

Every order is delivered instantly upon payment and can be used immediately!

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