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A UPC is now required to list on eBay due to the changes implemented on February 29, 2016. This change requires sellers to include Product Identifiers for new and refurbished items in certain categories. Items with these missing product identifiers will not be renewed by eBay when they expire.

If you’re looking to list a new product on eBay and you need a UPC/EAN code, you’ve come to the right place.  UPC codes are used by eBay to identify products in their database, and if you are adding a new unique listing, you need a unique UPC code.  Remember that each unique item needs a unique UPC, for example:
– If you’re selling T-Shirts, each unique Color will need a unique UPC.  If you have 20 Black, 20 White, and 20 Green for sale, you’ll need 3 unique UPC codes, 1 for each unique Color.

Directly from the eBay Help Page on UPCs:

How to Enter a UPC code

Universal Product Codes (UPCs) are 12-digit numbers used to identify products. Find your UPC code on your product’s packaging or back cover.

When entering a UPC Code for a listing using Pre-Filled Item Information, be sure to enter the entire number at the bottom of the bar code, including the smaller numbers on the left and right hand sides.

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It is vital to have these Product Identifiers to make it easier for buyers interested in the product to be able to find what they are looking for in these specific categories, and also vital to eBay to prevent counterfeits and duplicate product listings.

If you want to list more unique items, you’ll need more unique UPC codes.  We offer discounts for larger quantities.  Note that each UPC can only be used for 1 unique product.  Once you’ve used the UPC it cannot be used for another product since each UPC is unique.

Note that when you update the listing, it can take up to 15 minutes for the changes to save and for your listing to become active/updated.

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If you have other questions, please visit our FAQ page which answers the most common issues.

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