The SKU does not match any ASIN and contains invalid value(s) for attributes required for creation of a new ASIN.

This error happens if you just purchased codes directly from the GS1 and then attempted to create a listing on Amazon with the GTIN.  Amazon support isn’t consistent and will lead you back and forth without much assistance.  The reason for this error is that there is a delay in syncing the GS1 database to Amazon, which then gives this error for anywhere from 2-5 days.  If you get this error, we’d suggest waiting for 5 days and then re-list and the error should automatically go away.

There are many threads online about sellers having this issue, and there is no real shortcut solution as Amazon support simply asks for information like SKU (which you don’t have since you’re creating a new listing), but their support doesn’t have the authority to push the database to sync more quickly or allow you to create the listing in other ways.  Some sellers are reporting that creating the listing via Upload can speed up the process, but our suggestion is simply following our Amazon UPC article here and waiting 5 days after purchase.

We suggest if you need UPC codes, you purchase them directly from us to mitigate this issue (can purchase here in 1 minute).  If you purchase from the GS1 directly, give yourself a 5 day buffer as this error persists and we don’t know when Amazon or the GS1 will fix the syncing issue.

Here are some threads from Amazon Seller forum where sellers discuss the issue – we suggest you follow our instructions above.

If you need any further assistance, we’re here to help.

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