This ASIN has GTIN codes that do not match the brand associated to the ASIN

If you’re an active Amazon seller, you may encounter this notification/error:

This ASIN has GTIN codes that do not match the brand associated to the ASIN. GTIN codes are reliable data that are used to limit duplicate products in the catalog and ensure product authenticity. We verify the authenticity of GTINs by checking the GS1 database and GTINs that do not match information in GS1 are considered invalid. We recommend obtaining your GTINs directly from GS1 (and not from other third parties selling GTIN licenses) to ensure the appropriate information is reflected in the GS1 database. If you believe we have removed your ASIN in error, contact Selling Partner Support here. Repeatedly creating ASINs for brands you do not have a relationship with will result in the removal of ASIN creation abilities.

There is no need to worry.  This notification happens with GS1 UPCs and has nothing to do with whether it was bought from a third party or not.  Amazon has millions of listings and they are constantly changing their policies and often send automated notifications.  We’ve dealt with resolving these errors with many companies, and there is no consistency into why or when this notification appears. In fact, this error is most common amongst users who own a GS1 prefix.  This notification is, however, resolvable, and we’re here to help.

If you encounter this notification and your active listing(s) get suppressed, and you are a customer of, take note of the UPC(s) and ASIN(s) associated with the listings in question and contact us with the following:
1. Your exact Brand name
2. Your Company name
3. Do you have Brand Registry?
4. A list of the UPC(s) and ASIN(s) that have been suppressed.

Once we get this information, we can better assist you with the letter of affiliation and quickly resolve this issue and get your listing(s) active again.

Again, all of our codes will work on Amazon – we’ve been the leading UPC barcode seller online for over a decade and are here to serve you and your business.  Contrary to what some people in the Amazon seller community think, buying codes from is by far the cheapest and quickest way to list on Amazon and all of our codes are from the GS1, per Amazon requirements.

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