This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN.

If you’re listing on Amazon, you may come across this error:

This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification.

Receiving a message like this suggests that there’s a mismatch between the product classification (category, attributes, etc.) of your Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) it’s linked to. This is a common issue on platforms like Amazon, where accurate product classification is crucial for search and discovery.  This is not an issue with the UPC, but rather an error related to how Amazon handles listings in their system.

Solution: To resolve this issue, upload a full update flat file in ALL countries you sell in.

You can also delete the listing, then recreate it with a new unique SKU.

Amazon Flat Files, also known as an Inventory File Template, are formatted CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files that help sellers to upload or update large amounts of product data at once. This makes them an invaluable tool for large-scale sellers with expansive inventories. Information such as SKU, product ID, price, quantity, item condition, and a detailed product description are all parts of the flat file.

For every product category and each country, a distinct Flat File is designated.

However, handling these files isn’t always straightforward. They require precise formatting and adherence to Amazon’s specifications. Let’s understand how to upload, manage, and avoid mistakes with these files.

Uploading Amazon Flat Files Correctly

  1. Begin by downloading the specific flat-file template for your product category from Amazon Seller Central. Each product category* has a unique template, which must be filled out accurately.
  2. Log into your Seller Central account and go to the inventory tab. Select “Add product via upload”. On the next screen, navigate to the tab “Download an inventory file.”
  3. Choose the category that matches your product. Select your marketplace and click on ‘generate template’ at the bottom. This action will download your Excel file.
  4. Open this template in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  5. The Flat File contains seven sheets: Instructions, Images, Data Definition, Template, Example, Valid Values, and Browse Data. The essential sheet to fill out is the Template, while the other sheets guide you on the data entry.
  6. Carefully fill in your product information, ensuring that each detail goes into the correct field.
  7. Once completed, save your document as a CSV file.
  8. Navigate to the “Inventory” tab in Seller Central, then select “Add Products via Upload.”
  9. Under the “Upload your Inventory File” tab, choose the type of file to upload.
  10. Click “Upload file” and select the CSV file from your computer.

This should resolve the error for you.  You can reach out to Amazon Support for assistance in this as well.

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