Why isn’t my company name coming up when scanned by my smartphone?

Until you upload your product to Amazon, Google Merchant Center, or a database that your specific smartphone scanner application is using, it will show up as “No data found” or something similar.

Since each Point of Sale (POS)/scanner is unique, you need to check with your scanner application to see how they input/read data.  It is important to note that each scanner at each store is unique to that store and keeps its own unique database.  There is no central database where it is reading barcodes from.

There are many third-party scanner apps that pull outdated or incomplete data.  These aren’t reliable.  Again, each store/vendor will have its own ways to input UPC barcode and product information and asking them about what information they need is the best way to resolve any scanning issues.

Our How to Register a Barcode page may be useful to read as well.

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