When I search the GS1 database, a different company comes up, not mine. Why?

When you search the Global Electronic Party Information Registry (GEPIR) at the GS1, it simply returns the original company owner of the prefix for a given code.  Because a prefix can contain up to 100,000 codes,  there may be up to 100,000 different companies who own codes from a given prefix. The GS1 prefix owner name doesn’t change in the database, even though UPCs do change ownership all the time, hence why an unfamiliar company may show up.   This is expected and is normal.

When you search the GEPIR at the GS1, it contains an outdated database going back nearly 50 years to the 1970’s.  It will return the original company name that bought the certificate.  Since we own many prefixes that we purchased from companies over the years, there will be a variety of companies that may show up when you search.  Again, this is normal. We own the full barcode-prefix rights to all of the codes that we sell, as well as having original documentation to prove ownership.  If you have any questions or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

UPCs.com is continually purchasing UPC prefixes from different companies, which we are able to do because of a class action lawsuit and settlement with the GS1 in 2002 (See UCC/GS1 Settlement).  Because of this, the GS1 GEPIR is not up to date for pre-2002 prefixes and is only up to date for UPC prefixes that companies rent from them.  For any prefix from the 1970s until 2002 when the GS1 settled with the UCC, the GS1 does not own the rights and therefore we’re able to sell codes at a significant discount and without any rental fees like the modern GS1 charges.

When you purchase any UPCs from us at UPCs.com, your company fully and legally owns the barcodes you purchased and no one else has the right to use them without your permission.  You’re also free to use them anywhere that you wish on any product you wish.

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